Physicochemistry of Colloids and Surfaces

Research areas

Research lines
Elimination of organic matter (COD) in industrial effluents using electrochemical treatment.
Metallic contamination analysis in soils.
Computer simulation of synthesis of nanoparticles in microemulsions.
Obtaining and characterization of Langmuir and Langmuir Blodgett films.
Design of sensors models, designs of modified electrodes using thin films of molecules with particular functional groups.
Chemical characterization using electrochemical techniques.
Electrochemical components, metallic contamination, cod, macromolecules, microemulsions, thin films, polielectrolites, electrochemical tecniques, electrochemical treatments, physical chemistry, soils, nanoparticles, interfaces, pollution, organic matter, soils characterization, efluents, heavy metals, colloidal, simulation, characterization, electrodes, chemical sensors

Research results