Grupo de Enxeñería de Fabricación (GEF)

Research areas

Research lines
Machinability studies. Robotized mechanizing.
Tribology studies and surface finish quality analysis.
Design, development and simulation of equipment and machines for fastening, manipulation and tools and pieces transport processes.
Reengineering and quick prototyping studies.
Plastic injection and mold design process studies.
Smelting modelling process analysis and study.
Advance technology implementation, methods and systems CAD/CAM/CAX
Design and development of product
Desing and development of process
CADCAM tools
Catia platform
NX Siemens
wear of machining tools
Surface finish metrology

Technological offer

Services offered
Design and development of product; Desing and development of process;Additive Manufacturing process analysis
Tribology studies and surface finish quality analysis.
Plastic injection, mold design and casting process studies.
Testing of cutting tools Machinability studies. Robotized mechanizing.
Training courses on Catia platform and NX Siemens

Research results